Subscribing organizations may use any of the following apps

(In Development)
My Pet Pal
This is an app for Pet Licensing, you can buy and renew pet licenses as well as report pets missing, and report found pets.
(In Development)
Tour The Town
This is an app for "touring the town" allowing local governments to highlight special locations and encourage tourism and patronage of those areas.
Tell The Town
This simple reporting app makes it easy for citizens to report non-emergency issues such as the location of potholes, vandalism, downed trees, minor bylaw complaints, and more.  Provides the municipality with contact information, GPS coordinates, and a photo.
Town Crier
A basic 'push-notification' tool that allows local governments to send public notices directly to a user's mobile device. Cuts through online clutter; great for communities that want to do more than simply publishing statutory notices in the local newspaper.