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Local government members can suggest apps, and vote here for the next one we’ll develop.

Top 3 Projects

Animal License Renewal

This app will allow users to renew, file, and update their animal licence’s. Photos of animals can also be updated to assist in efforts if a pet is lost.
Votes: 3

Election Information

This app provides information regarding Candidates, polling locations, and the hours they are open. The ability to update polling line-ups will also be added.
Votes: 2

Basic Garbage & Recycling Day Reminders

This app will provide reminders to individuals for the days that solid waste collection will be performed in their area. A notification will be sent to the user 24 hours in advance, reminding them to put their garbage out to the curbside
Votes: 2

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Public Art Tour / Art Finder

This app provides users with an interactive map that shows where art installations are in the community. The listings will also provide local governments with the ability to provide a backstory about the art in order to provide an added level of engagement to the user
Votes: 2